Jun 21, 2011

Starting again

Back in the very early days of blogging, I found that if I sat down and wrote for long enough, something was bound to come. Now I sit for hours, literally HOURS, and end up just as I began--with a blank page. I'm worried that I've lost it. I'm worried that I took something precious and fragile and untouched by the outside world and opened it up for everyone to see. And now that I know they're looking, I can't come up with anything. The words are too frightened to come out. Instead when I sit down to write, I insist on filling the page with a bunch of nothing about nothing. What happened?

Writer Shauna Niequist wrote a blog recently about taking the time to do the "work" of writing. (Actually she's writing a whole series about writing.)
“It’s my responsibility to live a life that sustains me creatively, so that when it’s “go-time” and I’m staring at a blank screen, I’ve got something to say.” -Shauna Niequist
Through her post she speaks strongly about the importance of creating our own inspiration; that we are in charge of living lives worth writing about. Maybe that is the root of this panic that has grabbed hold of me. The foundation of my wall may actually be the secret fear that I am not living a life worth writing about.

Maybe that's really everyone's fear. But this time I'm not going to write for everyone. I need to get back to writing for me.

I am not living a life without struggle or success. In fact, I experience both everyday. So I have decided to start there. As often as I can, I will take time to sit and write about a struggle or a success that I am experiencing in my life. Sometimes I will write about both and sometimes not.

Want to help? Let me know you're reading -- comment or talk to me. It really goes a long way. And mostly, I hope you start to think about the struggles and successes in your own life. Are you living a life worth writing about?


  1. I can very much relate to this. Sometimes I feel like my life isn't interesting enough to write about. I think it is okay to have a dry spell here and there, but I do very much like the concept of taking responsibility for one's own inspiration... sometimes it comes easily over a bowl of oatmeal and other times it must be actively sought out. One thing is for certain, you have not "lost it." Inspiration, creativity and thought-inspiring words will flow again. No doubt.

  2. I'm reading! And hoping to get my blog back in gear, too, just as soon as those grades get turned in!

  3. I love reading your blog and your writing style. My blog still needs substance but yours is full of it. You have it in you. Plus blogging feels good.

  4. wow. you were right! a kindred spirit you are. Thanks for commenting on my post. Doesn't it help so much to know that we're not alone in this? You're a great writer - this was not nothing about nothing; this is something I needed to read today. I'll definitely be checking in with you more often. ;)